Remodel Complete!

We are so excited to share the completion of our indoor remodel at the shop!  We have doubled our office space and everyone, including our customers, are pretty happy about it!  

And just for fun, we thought we would share a flashback of the original building we bought 15 years ago!  A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to quality service hasn't!


Tri-County's Renovations!

It's been a while since our last post, but we have been undergoing some BIG changes here at the office!  Because of your loyalty and support for our business we have been able to make these necessary changes for our growing needs!  Here are a few photos of the construction going on starting back in the Spring.  Stay tuned for shots of the finished project!

Demo Day!


Please consider donating!

We would like to invite you to please consider donating to our dear friend Rudy, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma.  We appreciate all of you who have donated so far.  The support and love you've shown for Rudy is overwhelming.  I know this will make his battle more tolerable knowing he has so much support monetarily, and we'd all ask for your prayers.

Thank you, 
Bubba and Kay Martin

To donate please click on this link:  Go-fund-me page for Rudy

Happy Veterans Day!

We want to take a moment and say a special thank you to all the Veterans out there!  We appreciate your sacrifices and service to our country.  Here is one of our own, Steve Hair, who served as Weapons Mechanic Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War.  Thank you Steve!


Annual Main Street Downtown Scarecrow Contest!

Meet Goliath! He was our entry in Seguin's Main Street Downtown Scarecrow Contest and placed 2nd overall! He is 9'2" tall, the same height as Goliath in the Bible, hence the name, and he's made mostly of AC parts. We had a great time being a part of this contest!


Costly Coil...

This is a coil that belonged to a customer who thought that air filters were too expensive to use...  
The filter she needed was a $5.00 filter.  
The costs to have this coil cleaned was over $500. 
Having clean air to breath- priceless.  
Maintaining and replacing air filters can save you hundreds and help you breath easier!
Give us a call or come by today to pick up your next custom air filter!


Flying high at the Comal County Jail! Putting in a 15 ton A/C on this beautiful day!


Thank you Seguin Fire Department!

Tri-County AC had a unique opportunity this week to donate duct work to the Seguin Fire Department for their training purposes.  We really appreciate this fire station and all first responders who risk their lives every day to save others!

Don't GLAZE over this post!

Don't GLAZE over this sweet post!  We have to brag on one of our Techs, Derrick Caddell, who was a good Samaritan!  He stopped to help a woman and her child fix their flat tire.  She never got his name but sent this to say thank you!

Happy Friday and thanks Shannon for the treat!

Are you neglecting your air-conditioner?

It is REALLY important that you remember to have routine maintenance checks for your units, because not only can it save you some money, it can also prevent fires!  The filter you see below is only 3 weeks old, but had turned black as night due to having too many candles burning in the home.  We all love a good smelling candle, especially around the holidays, but keep in mind that what little smoke it puts off can really add up in your filter if you aren't careful!

This same home called because they were seeing black soot coming out of the vent.  And here is what we found... Dirrrrty Coils!  It wouldn't take much for something to ignite and catch on fire!

Here is a picture of one half of the indoor coils that was cleaned.  We were so glad to be able to take care of this problem.  Don't let this be you!  Give us a call today!